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About the Foundation

Profile of the Foundation Open Society Macedonia

The Foundation Open Society Macedonia (FOSM) was founded in 1992 as a foreign entity representative office, and in 1999 as a national legal entity foundation, in accordance with the Law on Associations of Citizens and Foundations. FOSM is part of the Soros network in Central and Eastern Europe.

Dedicated to the promotion of an open society, FOSM initiates supports and implements a wide spectrum of programs. The Foundation addresses its objectives by:

providing grants, awards, loans and other types of financial support on a one-time or continuing basis to individuals and legal entities that engage in activities consistent with the FOSM mission.

implementing operational programs for the promotion of innovative ideas and for the development and growth of individuals and legal entities having activities relative to the FOSM mission, and

performing other humanitarian and development activities that the Founder and the Managing Board may find adequate for fulfilling the FOSM mission.

The principle governing body of FOSM is a Managing Board, consisted of seven reputable individuals of different ethnic and professional backgrounds. There are expert committees or consultants engaged in most program areas, which give professional advice to the program coordinators. The person authorized to represent FOSM in front of other legal entities and individuals and sign for FOSM is the Executive Director.

The Foundation will continue its commitment to enhance Macedonia's prospects for EU accession by fostering internal integration as a prerequisite. Dedicated to promoting and supporting open society across the program areas of education, law, public administration and local self-government, civil society, public health, information, media and economic reform, FOSM will implement a range of initiatives varying from capacity-building to policy and social advocacy projects. Responding to the different needs of various target groups, especially youth, Roma and SMGs, FOSM will cooperate with other NGOs, international institutions and donors in undertaking actions that foster sustained democracy.

Considering the context and driven by its mission, the following overall priorities for the next three-year period were determined:

1. Accelerating EU accession of Macedonia, cross-program policy and social advocacy actions to steer the Government back onto EU track; strengthening civil societys monitoring role for transparency and accountability of the Government; supporting efficient decentralization as an EU value safeguarding local democracy.
2. Integration of Roma and socially marginalized groups, cross-program interventions aiming to improve the status of Roma and SMGs.
3. Encouraging Civic Participation and Activism, activities towards: reviving civil society; development of local democracy; Promotion of multiethnic society values and Decreasing the gap between youth and open society values.

Executive Board

Maja Bojadzievska, Chair
Gordana Duvnjak
Ace Kocevski
Ramadan Ramadani
Arsim Zekolli
Margarita Caca - Nikolovska
Irena Cvetkovic

All the members of FOSM's Executive Board since 1992


Vladimir Milcin, Executive Director

Organizational Set-Up 
George Soros 
OSF's Mission 

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